Configuring SNMP on ESXi 6.0 Host

Hello guys, in this blog , we will discuss how to enable snmp configuration on vsphere ESXi 6.0 host for monitoring purposes. In some case, the monitoring solution used in the environment, requires SNMP to be configured on the node. Let us discuss the steps as following – login to your ESXi host using vsphere […]

vCenter 6.0 Installation with VSUM

Hello Guys, In this post, we will discuss the vCenter 6.0 installation in simple mode using the embedded vpostgress DB. Here, we will use one PSC installed on the same server with vCenter components. Use of the embedded model is meant for standalone sites where this vCenter Server will be the only SSO integrated solution […]

Migration (convert) of vCenter with MS Sql to the vCenter Appliance with vPostgres database

It was not possible to migrate vCenter installed on Windows to vCenter Appliance (Linux).  The vCenter Appliance supports and provides almost the same features as vCenter Server installed on Windows. Fortunately, VMware LABS released a converter which allows customers to migrate from Windows vCenter Server with an External Microsoft SQL Server Database to the vCenter […]